Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Writer Friends

Writing is in many ways a solitary endeavor, but in true extrovert fashion, I'm happiest when connecting with other creatives within the writing community. Today I wanted to take some time to thank some of my closest writer friends, my critique partners:

To my Legit Nerds: (Emily, Jena, Jordan, Matt & Nadi) All of your styles are different and yet I love them all! Emily can pique interest with the smallest details, Jena makes sci-fi accessible with complicated characters I can't help but root for, Jordan writes the most lush atmospheric settings, Matt's sense of humor can make me laugh while the rest of the world falls apart, and Nadi has written the kind of complicated dark manuscript I would GRAB off the shelf at a bookstore and be incapable of putting down. You are truly such talented, wonderful people and I feel so fortunate to be part of our group. Thank you for pushing me towards positivity even when I'm having an "emo moment". Thank you for always sharing resources and encouraging me to submit to ALL the competitions! Through our group I have gained the confidence to experiment with different styles and story formats. Love & appreciate all of you so much.

Ash, when we first started trading chapters my story was SO different. You made me step out of my third person comfort zone and I'll be forever grateful. I can't wait to hold a hardcopy of your manuscript AND I've pretty much already cast a TV show based on your brilliant high-concepts so the sky has to be the limit! Your advice, both related to writing and publishing, has been invaluable to me. My most sincere hope is someday I'll be in the position to help someone else like you've helped me.

Britney: never in a million years did I expect to have so much in common with someone I met on Reddit! Ha. Thank you for trusting me with your words, including me on your incredible journey, and always making me laugh. I attribute so much of my growth as a writer to your guidance and when we get to attend our first conference together we are ending the day at the bar where I am buying the first round.

Jim: we are SO different and yet your perspective has truly helped me get to the heart of what I'm trying to say. I'm so glad we got randomly paired during RevPit and continue to enjoy sharing our work. If I ever venture into the Middle Grade sphere you can certainly take credit! Your stories have definitely helped me think about what readers in this age group are craving and reminded me how great writing transcends genre.

Mel: Connecting with wonderful writers like you is WHY I do practice pitch contests! Yes, the advice is great, but the FRIENDSHIPS are what I crave. Your particular area of expertise has shaped my crazy apocalyptic ideas and given my madness a much-needed shape. I cannot WAIT to read your sequel and return to the graphic novel-esque world you've created. But first, I believe we deserve a mom/writer getaway. Someplace with great views and zero obligations? Yes, I believe we've earned it!

Monica: I LOVED your CP Questionnaire and will 100% be using it if I need to vet anyone else to trade with-- (I guess this post makes it pretty apparent I am done searching for now). I am so looking forward to reading your story soon and sharing mine with you. Our mutual goals and belief in kismet has me certain it'll be a fated match.

If you're looking for writer friends of your own, consider reading my post about how I find mine. Can't question my methods with critique partners this amazing. ;)

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