Fall Writing Frenzy Contest

A cold front has moved in hurrah! The chilly temperatures (75 is chilly in the South) has me cooking gumbo and craving spooky stories. I decided to participate in Lydia Lukidis' fall writing contest more details here if you're interested!

I'm looking forward to reading the other participants. This is my first attempt writing Middle Grade and would love to hear your thoughts! My entry below is based on this photograph.

Fearless (Mostly)

My cat-ears got soggy bobbing for apples so I chunked them in the trash. No worries because I won. The prize? A ziplock-bag full of tootsie rolls. A sweet victory, but also kinda chalky.

I would’ve scored way better candy if I weren’t too old to trick-or-treat. WHICH I am. Maybe I can trade the tootsie trash to my little brother for something good. He’s too young to know how to negotiate. Young enough to tolerate our goofy neighbors saying cringe stuff like, “And what are YOU supposed to be?”

It’s pretty obvious he’s a Ninja. Get some new glasses, Susan.

The only good thing I’m getting tonight is a copy of this group photo. I’m gonna photoshop these basic kids out and add in a pack of raptors. I’ll be standing to the side like, “What? You thought I was scared of raptors?”

I am not afraid of anything. Except climate change. And people who don’t believe in Science. Basically the kind of people who would bring raptors back in the first place. Which is why the fantasy exists. If only we could photoshop bank account balances. Maybe no one would be afraid of anything.